Yesterday we rode in Grand Junction and had a blast. I think the return of the appetite also included a calorie deficit from the past two days, because I wasn’t 100% “on” yesterday on the trail. Maybe I didn’t sleep the best bc it was humid and warm all night. Maybe I needed more calories before the ride. Or maybe just the unknown trails, resulting in lots of stop and go, kept me out of the zone. I had excess juice for the climbs, but on the downs I wasn’t dialed completely. At any rate we had a great time.

Today I awoke with a surprising lack of hangover, considering the number of Dale’s Pale Ale I drank last night at the family taco party. I wasn’t hungry after my shake, but I went on with some yogurt and fruit nonetheless. No sense in being calorie deficient for the ride today.

If the bike gets sorted (Jamie’s) we will be on trail by 1000. I’m hoping today is a dialed day. The bike feels great. It couldn’t be more perfectly tuned. Sometime today or tomorrow I’ll finish the analysis of the capsules and then move on to the shake. I hope my pals who are also curious appreciate the info, and I hope they attack it with the same level of skepticism and analysis I have.

I hope everyone has a great day! Here’s to the ride! I’ll be back later. I think 2 people have access to my blog now. So huge ;)