Trying something new.

HEY GUYS! It’s August 6th and I realized it was in my best interest to keep a daily log of my experience with Le-Vel, with Rob and Elise, and with Thrive. I hope this proves valuable at some point in the future.

EDIT: I failed to provide any background info about myself, assuming only friends would be reading this blog. Until the August 4th entry below, this is my addition.

I’m a 34 year old Flight RN with experience in both military and civilian healthcare, in various roles. I am a mountain biker, kayaker, part-time runner, snowboarder, occasional hiker, rare backpacker, general adrenaline junkie, fun-loving kid in a big person’s body. This would be my very first and ONLY, involvement in any type of MLM/Network Marketing product. I live in Durango, CO and spent the past 4 years on the road with my lovely adventure partner and love, Colleen. I occasionally race bikes, but for the most part I do these outdoor activities for fun and for the health benefits. 

I have sisters and brothers, lots of good friends, and I love meeting new people. At various stages in life I was very much into playing musical instruments, skateboarding, Dj’ing EDM, roller-blading, science, math, and all sorts of other random things. At age 28 I started drifting away from computer music production/performance and moved towards the outdoors, with the help of a few friends. This phase of life is the best thus far, without a doubt, and I just keep getting more into the adventurous side of life. Durango is the perfect place for such things. Okay, my blog entry #1 and #2 begin below:


I started Wednesday 8/5. 

Here’s my note from August 5th:

I did exactly as directed, and I only had about 8oz of coffee. I usually drink 32.

Honestly I don’t think I even needed THAT! It’s nuts, since i drink coffee DAILY, but I honestly didn’t miss it today. I had zero headaches from the caffeine withdrawals.

In fact, I pedaled with a group of folks today and managed to only perceive a yellow level of exertion, sometimes orange, despite nailing a PR on a steep climb. We pedaled in the group for 3.5 hours, then had a respite to pack up gear and regroup, followed by a whitewater run through town.

I was in GO MODE all day and it’s 1057 PM, and I feel great. I’m ready to lie down and sleep, but I am not feeling groggy from the lack of coffee, nor am i feeling especially beat down from my very active and awesome day.

My shoulder feels just fine. My neck and back feel just fine. I feel JUST FINE.

I tried to turn on a couple of pals today, and they politely declined. I will try again soon.

For now, I will enjoy the experience and the trial, and hopefully get some of my friends on the train as well.

Tonight Elise mentioned to me the fact that successful entrepeneurs are able to not only volunteer their time for kids, but also to sponsor lots of kids… That could be so much more impactful. If I could turn this into more dollars for Riding Forward, that would be awesome. I am very curious.



August 4th:

I met some new friends today, Rob and Elise. It just so happens they were in town on a tour of the southwest and needed someone to show them around town via mountain bikes and such. I offered to show Rob the good rides in the area, and while riding he casually mentioned his current career situation. He quit his job as an orthopedic PA to represent a supplement company. Needless to say, my ears perked up at this prospect. Not only does he appear to be very healthy, he says the product is fantastic, and it seems as thought the financial side of his business is doing quite well. Am I looking to change careers, or hurting for money? No. Am i interested in a supplement that will support muscle growth, rapid recovery, enhanced performance on the bike, and that will assist me in kicking the coffee and being a further FULLY CHARGED individual? Absolutely.

I just finished my first meeting regarding Le-Vel. I have my doubts and my suspicions. However, I am also curious and optimistic. I have 100k in student loan debt, a car payment, and the fear that my income vs debt will somehow never even out in a way that provides the life I want to live.Your first thought is Pyramid Scheme, which is somehow less than this American Dream… I doubt very much one is less ideal than the other. Perhaps its the american scheme and this pyramid thing is just being honest - you get what you put into it…I am healthy and reasonably athletic… But I would love to get off the coffee, gain 10 lbs of muscle, and pay off one of my loans without pulling from my paychecks. these are my goals.

I decided to drink the kool-aid, just a little, and try THRIVE.