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One week under my belt with #thrive!

So today is day 8 and I felt I better send an update before I go outside to play all day with my LOVELY LADY Colleen! Yesterday and the day before I took the full dose, and I wonder if I should have staggered a little more slowly. I was a little “amped” Monday. Yesterday, when I approached lunch time, I could feel my blood sugar dropping fast (which happens to me sometimes) but it was really aggressive. I was nauseous and warm, for sure. In my panic state, I peeled off my DFT. Silly Bobby. I realized 15 mins later I just needed a snack.

At any rate, today I am back on the ½ dose and we will see how it goes. Colleen is here, and I don’t want to experiment too much with the stuff while she is here. 

For now, the ½ is going to carry me through the next few days. Even at that dose, it’s awesome stuff. 

If the folks sign up as they said they will, I’ll be only one promoter box away from the first bonus. Considering I’ve only posted on Tumblr and had a few telephone conversations, I really cannot complain.

Good day everyone!