Day 3 of Thrive, and day 2 of a sweet trip!

So today I woke up with the Bianchini family on their super cool nationwide book tour to promote “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion” and this has been a swwwwweeeeet day already! I woke up with my old familiar appetite back, so that was a good thing. This past two days my typical morning ravenous appetite was lacking. Today it returned and I was stoked to enjoy a sweet breakfast about 30-50 mins after my capsule/shake/transdermal patch combo. 

That said, I do not crave any sweets or anything heavy. I wanted veggie noodle soup today, more than other things. My insides are calm, and quiet, and smell-free… Which is also cool.

SO, I still feel amped and I still haven’t needed any coffee since day 1, but now I feel like my system is beginning to level out… Hah. i just caught the reference… “Le-Vel out”. Nice. I should sell that slogan back to them ;)

I kinda feel like doing 100 push-ups after each bike ride. I could see spending lots more time working out with this stuff.

Alright - today I started the comprehensive research of the ingredients found in the products. I made it mostly through the capsule, but I have much work left to do. Keep watching and I’ll keep posting! 

So far I have found nothing but GOOD inside the capsules. I have a few things left to research.