Day 15 on Thrive

So it’s been two whole weeks!

I am still on the ½ dose of Thrive at this point, and it feels fantastic. Let me be more specific, I am on 1 capsule, ½ shake, and 1 full DFT.
On my newly created Tumblr blog I failed to present background information (for those who may find me on the web) so I went back and edited that first post. Enjoy the background!

Okay, let’s back up. What is Thrive? Well, it’s a premium lifestyle product - a nutritional supplement - that contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, plant extracts, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

It’s comprehensive, clean nutrition and it’s in a very simple 3 step system.

When combined with appropriate water intake, a healthy diet, and activity, it helps one to achieve and maintain optimal nutrition. It is NOT a diet pill, a magic cure-all, a weight loss product, magic beans, or snake oil. It’s comprehensive nutrition made with high quality ingredients.

So here’s how you take it:

When you FIRST open your eyes in the morning, you take 1-2 capsules with water. 20-30 mins later, drink ½ (or the whole) shake mixed in water only.
Apply the DFT to a vascular muscle

That’s it!

Well, step 4 is “start thrivin” :)

You prime the pump in the morning, on an empty stomach, with probiotics and the vitamin/mineral blend. Following the 20-30 min delay, you then add the appropriately chosen nutrition (with a  little kick of protein) to the system AT THE OPTIMAL TIME for MAXIMAL ABSORPTION.

Your bolus dose is now complete. The DFT is your maintenance throughout the day, consisting primarily of plant extracts to maintain a slow intake of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, along with something called “IsoLean”. I’m told that in this very small dose the IsoLean is just one of the two products needed to allow absorption of the plant extracts into your bloodstream. Since I am a curious George I looked it up. At larger doses, this chemical does assist in weight loss - but not in the way you want to avoid. Here’s the straight dope:

Forskohlin is a stimulator of the membrane-­bound enzyme, adenylyl cyclase. Adenylyl cyclase catalyzes the synthesis of the second messenger molecule, cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which activates cAMP activated protein kinase (PKA). PKA triggers hormone sensitive lipase (HSL)
Hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) is found in adipocytes and in all cell types
HSL catalyses lipolysis, which ultimately results in weight loss *

So, that’s a little bit of background on Thrive. I am working on that “book report” of the comprehensive list of ingredients, so at some point the data will be available. I will not likely post 27 pages of data on the web. Rather, I will distill it into a very short and digestible presentation for anyone to browse.

Alright - so how am I doing on day 15? GREAT - to be honest.

I still sleep like a DREAM, with vivid dreams I recall on awakening. I open my eyes ahead of my alarm every morning. I am fast on the bike and the next day the stairs don’t hurt quite as much as usual, so my muscle recovery is improved. I have endurance and strength on the trail, and my shoulder/chest injury is SO NONEXISTENT I am speechless. It could be a coincidence, as I was about 85% healed already, but I can absolutely say that the last little bit of pain/inflammation disappeared sometime last week. It’s great. My insides are happier. Better poops, less gas, less hunger pangs, and I crave less junk.

Mentally, I am clear, collected, FOCUSED, but still full of energy and go-go. The experience is palpable. It’s not just hype. The product is good.

In terms of the business side of things, a few pals are signed up and starting their experience. I received a commission last week for $25, and this week for $29. If a couple of things line up just right before Saturday, I will be getting the $650 bonus. That’s not bad for two week of work! Even if I do not collect the first bonus, I will have begun the process of building a network.

If you are curious about Thrive, please follow my link:

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Become informed about the product, the system, and the stories of other people who have already taken the plunge for themselves.