8 MONTHS and still Thrivin'

Wow, I really haven't been on top of this blog for some time! Okay, here's some recap: Since November I've started grad school, picked up a second part-time job with an event medical staffing company "EMS - Unlimited" as Clinical Coordinator, begun work on some custom bike-medicine products, worked TONS of overtime, planned a home remodel project, and missed my girlfriend very, very much. I travel home in 4 weeks to pick her up. I am VERY excited to welcome the new RN back to the family! 

Additionally, I became a BLS instructor (CPR) & helped with some classes, completed some of my work certification classes, and in three weeks I have my BIG CFRN EXAM to pass. WHEW!

So about Thrive - In the past few months I have really not posted regularly on any sites, so my marketing has been virtually nonexistent. That said, I now have two roommates on Thrive (both in the medical profession), a handful of other friends, and even a pro athlete. It is a slowly growing process, but since I keep it on the back burner so much, I cannot expect a massive explosion. I am totally okay with that. So, I am still making a little extra spending cash from the system and I put in virtually no work.

I still take the 3 step system nearly every day, without fail. I still gain in so many ways from the system. For starters, my appetite still remains more human than prior to Thrive. My bubbles down undaz are minimal on more days than before. I still get focus and energy, but in a clean way. I drink the occasional coffee these days, but it's more for specific "extra boost" moments than the old "right when I get out of bed I must have coffee" game that I used to call life.

I still stand behind the product fully. If you are really trying to make a healthy change in your life, consider adding this system to your other positive choices. Eat better. Exercise more. Do things that help balance your mind, body, and spirit. And take Thrive. Try it. You will be surprised! I was!

Is it just a coincidence that I've been Thriving for 8 months and I've increased my output in every vein of my life 3-fold? Maybe. Who knows! I will just continue to do what I am doing, including Thriving.