It's been a month!

Alright - so at the one month mark I am happy to say I am still #thrivin - and loving it. Again I stress, it's not a "cure all". It's not "snake oil" and it's not the "game changer that will automatically make you a better person."

However, it is a simple and premium supplement system that's done in the AM, before you ever hit the pavement, and it consists of three simple steps. Pill, shake, DFT - GO and have a stellar day. The system works. I feel better while taking Thrive, and my performance is notably better in all of my sporting endeavors. I sleep better, I eat better, I digest better, I FEEL better. Done.

I spent a little to make a little, in terms of promoting, but within 3 weeks I had recouped every dollar, and as of tomorrow I think I've doubled my investment. Oh, and I'm sitting on enough product to get me through another month of consumption and sampling. SWEET eh?

Alright - I just finished up a weekend at Angel Fire Bike Park with some GREAT people. We shredded all day Saturday, had two injured riders in our group, and ended the night at the camping lot with lots of puppies and stories. My partner in crime for the weekend learned that DH bikes are REEEEAAALLLYY fun, and that gravity riding is just amazing. Oh, she also realized she's a shredder. She did hurt herself on the last lap, and will be feeling it for the next few days, but it was worth it. Yesterday I rode with the remainder of our group in the AM. We started out HOT on the first lap, flying through the air at mach speed. I managed to make a crucial error on lap 3 and proceeded to skid 30 feet on my front wheel, on heinous terrain. This led to my shoulder-checking a tree at 25mph, twirling in a circle, flying upside-down and backwards down the trail, where I promptly landed on a sharp rock. My left flank is mad today, as well as my neck, but my POC armor did the job, and I'm no worse for the wear.

EXCELLENT weekend. 

Today is Labor Day and we are having the party at Lost Dog this evening! It's happening! I'm still a little embarrassed about it, because I'm putting myself out there to a new audience both musically and in terms of promoting Thrive. That said, I think the donations to charity + the EXCELLENT art Jared is displaying/selling are totally worth the gamble. So I'll come out of my shell a little, shed my ego, and do the damn thing. 

Have a great day everyone! I hope to see the locals out tonight!