6 Weeks!

Alright, I am 6 weeks in and still #thrivin! All is well in the world. The party was small, but successful. We sold some photos for J Bella, raised a little money for Riding Forward and DEVO, and I was able to run through the DJ setup, dust off some cobwebs, and have beers with friends. Success! Well, let's consider it a dry run of sorts. I found out, rather accidentally, that Durango has a few locations open to the idea of live house music, so in the coming months I will branch out. This means my live setup needs some tweaking. First, it's painfully apparent my laptop will not stand up to the job. Sad, but true.

Alright, so how is my Thrive Experience going? SWELL! I am still on just 1 capsule in the AM, as I tried two and felt it was a touch too much kick for me. I am now on the full shake in the morning and then the DFT. I dig it! I love the fact that I have energy, not nervous energy, and FOCUS! I am able to go to the gym and lift weights without significant soreness. My recovery is faster, I can workout plenty hard. I haven't visited the PT since starting Thrive, and today is the first day I have even a minimal amount of ache in my intercostals. I just finished 10 days of work-training-work, so to be at a 1/10 ache at this point is AMAZING. Furthermore, a quick run or ride will open that soreness up and it will vanish. #thrive is really helping with this!

Rob and Elise are back in town, so it's back to riding with pals and working on kicking Thrive up a notch in Durango. Today I will work with the gurus on a flyer (I hope) because now that I have a few days off I can actually start to canvas town. Mike made some progress at his health fair the other day, and we now have a BANNER (courtesy of Prime Vinyl). 

Things are looking UP! I go to STL soon as well, so i can visit with friends, drink beer, play records, and #livefullycharged. See you in two weeks!