Week 3 Updates - SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!

Week 3 updates!

Hey everyone!

I am well into week 3 on Thrive now, and I thought it was a great time for an update.

The blog now has 4 followers, and a few other have read it, so it’s going VIRAL! ;)

The product continues to impress me. The week 1 transition feeling is well past, and now everything feels really nice. I still have extra focus, energy, better sleep, more normal appetite and intestinal function, and I am still NOT on the coffee train. Today I may go buy a bag of decaf grounds, just so I can have a small cup and smell the stuff, but I am in no way needing caffeine from it, and I am light years away from my daily 32+ oz of coffee.

Alright, so updates about the business side: I had a couple of stoked pals sign up to promote the product, and moved some money around, called in a few favors, and spend a few dollars of my own this past two weeks. In the end, I hit my first bonus. Now I probably spent nearly the same amount I recovered with the bonus, but that financial “break even” resulted in numerous people sampling the product, a handful of people ordering and promoting, and the seeds of a potential future business are now planted. It was all worth the effort. Not everyone loves it, but a strong proportion do. That’s good for now. More to follow, I am sure.

To date, I am in the green and I have only invested maybe 12-15 hours into promoting.

This week my website will launch, and will be available for your viewing pleasure. The address is www.livefullycharged.org and will be a mixed media site. I plan to link music, artists, charitable organizations of my preference, and other pals who are independently making their way in the world with their own business ventures. I hope you check it out and I welcome feedback.

THE EVENT is also coming soon! It looks like my first shindig in Durango will be Labor Day at Lost Dog, and will feature live mixing via myself on my sweet new Traktor S8 with the super new STEM file formats, local art for sale, a raffle, and food/beverages are also available at the Lost Dog. It will be a summer sendoff of sorts. 20% of the proceeds from the event will go to DEVO and Riding Forward, so I hope to see lots of people there.

Oh, and as of next week I will be the newest DEVO coach! Sweet!

That’s it guys, have an epic weekend.