Weeks 7-10 - A Rippin' Good Experience!

Wheelies in MOAB

Wheelies in MOAB

SO it's been AWHILE since my last update. SORRY! I worked a TON of overtime, flew home for a really fun family visit in STL, and squeezed in a couple of bike trips, just as the shoulder season begins here in Durango.

Rock stack? Let's huck it! - Courtesy of Taos Imagery

So, I am still on Thrive daily, like clockwork, and I have to say I plan to stay on the product for as long as it's available. I still attain deeper sleep, better sleep, faster muscle recovery after exercise, better digestion, less cravings for snacks, less urge to consume caffeine, better output on the bicycle/runs, and overall a nice sense of well-being. It's a SOLID product! I have a few friends signing up as we speak, to begin their experience as well, so it's growing!

In terms of the business, I have lately been so busy with everything else that I've barely put any time into it. That said, just by BEING the change I want to see in others, I have recruited a few people nonetheless. It's pretty awesome to get this thing going passively. 

I just spent the weekend in Tucson, AZ with some good friends from TORCA (Tucson Off-Road Cyclists and Activists) for their annual party - "Pachanga" - and it was a BLAST! I would have enjoyed myself before Thrive, but I definitely think I was better equipped ON Thrive. I didn't need coffee in the AM, I rode MANY laps of aggressive trail all day for three days, did the FUNduro (a race, but really just a fun run) on Sunday, and today I was up at 0530 ready to rock. I am covered in bruises and scrapes from my many tumbles this weekend, but I was pushing my speed limits at times, on very loose trail. It happens! I am pretty sure my lack of extreme soreness is at least partially attributable to Thrive.

My "High 5" for getting 4th fastest male in the FUNduro on Sunday. All of the others in the top 5 are SHREDDERS!

The fastest boys of the day :)

Alright - life is good these days, to sum it all up. I am trying to #livefullycharged as much as life will allow! Are you?

So, are you still on the fence? What have you to lose?