8 MONTHS and still Thrivin'

Wow, I really haven't been on top of this blog for some time! Okay, here's some recap: Since November I've started grad school, picked up a second part-time job with an event medical staffing company "EMS - Unlimited" as Clinical Coordinator, begun work on some custom bike-medicine products, worked TONS of overtime, planned a home remodel project, and missed my girlfriend very, very much. I travel home in 4 weeks to pick her up. I am VERY excited to welcome the new RN back to the family! 

Additionally, I became a BLS instructor (CPR) & helped with some classes, completed some of my work certification classes, and in three weeks I have my BIG CFRN EXAM to pass. WHEW!

So about Thrive - In the past few months I have really not posted regularly on any sites, so my marketing has been virtually nonexistent. That said, I now have two roommates on Thrive (both in the medical profession), a handful of other friends, and even a pro athlete. It is a slowly growing process, but since I keep it on the back burner so much, I cannot expect a massive explosion. I am totally okay with that. So, I am still making a little extra spending cash from the system and I put in virtually no work.

I still take the 3 step system nearly every day, without fail. I still gain in so many ways from the system. For starters, my appetite still remains more human than prior to Thrive. My bubbles down undaz are minimal on more days than before. I still get focus and energy, but in a clean way. I drink the occasional coffee these days, but it's more for specific "extra boost" moments than the old "right when I get out of bed I must have coffee" game that I used to call life.

I still stand behind the product fully. If you are really trying to make a healthy change in your life, consider adding this system to your other positive choices. Eat better. Exercise more. Do things that help balance your mind, body, and spirit. And take Thrive. Try it. You will be surprised! I was!

Is it just a coincidence that I've been Thriving for 8 months and I've increased my output in every vein of my life 3-fold? Maybe. Who knows! I will just continue to do what I am doing, including Thriving.

Weeks 7-10 - A Rippin' Good Experience!

Wheelies in MOAB

Wheelies in MOAB

SO it's been AWHILE since my last update. SORRY! I worked a TON of overtime, flew home for a really fun family visit in STL, and squeezed in a couple of bike trips, just as the shoulder season begins here in Durango.

Rock stack? Let's huck it! - Courtesy of Taos Imagery

So, I am still on Thrive daily, like clockwork, and I have to say I plan to stay on the product for as long as it's available. I still attain deeper sleep, better sleep, faster muscle recovery after exercise, better digestion, less cravings for snacks, less urge to consume caffeine, better output on the bicycle/runs, and overall a nice sense of well-being. It's a SOLID product! I have a few friends signing up as we speak, to begin their experience as well, so it's growing!

In terms of the business, I have lately been so busy with everything else that I've barely put any time into it. That said, just by BEING the change I want to see in others, I have recruited a few people nonetheless. It's pretty awesome to get this thing going passively. 

I just spent the weekend in Tucson, AZ with some good friends from TORCA (Tucson Off-Road Cyclists and Activists) for their annual party - "Pachanga" - and it was a BLAST! I would have enjoyed myself before Thrive, but I definitely think I was better equipped ON Thrive. I didn't need coffee in the AM, I rode MANY laps of aggressive trail all day for three days, did the FUNduro (a race, but really just a fun run) on Sunday, and today I was up at 0530 ready to rock. I am covered in bruises and scrapes from my many tumbles this weekend, but I was pushing my speed limits at times, on very loose trail. It happens! I am pretty sure my lack of extreme soreness is at least partially attributable to Thrive.

My "High 5" for getting 4th fastest male in the FUNduro on Sunday. All of the others in the top 5 are SHREDDERS!

The fastest boys of the day :)

Alright - life is good these days, to sum it all up. I am trying to #livefullycharged as much as life will allow! Are you?

So, are you still on the fence? What have you to lose? 

6 Weeks!

Alright, I am 6 weeks in and still #thrivin! All is well in the world. The party was small, but successful. We sold some photos for J Bella, raised a little money for Riding Forward and DEVO, and I was able to run through the DJ setup, dust off some cobwebs, and have beers with friends. Success! Well, let's consider it a dry run of sorts. I found out, rather accidentally, that Durango has a few locations open to the idea of live house music, so in the coming months I will branch out. This means my live setup needs some tweaking. First, it's painfully apparent my laptop will not stand up to the job. Sad, but true.

Alright, so how is my Thrive Experience going? SWELL! I am still on just 1 capsule in the AM, as I tried two and felt it was a touch too much kick for me. I am now on the full shake in the morning and then the DFT. I dig it! I love the fact that I have energy, not nervous energy, and FOCUS! I am able to go to the gym and lift weights without significant soreness. My recovery is faster, I can workout plenty hard. I haven't visited the PT since starting Thrive, and today is the first day I have even a minimal amount of ache in my intercostals. I just finished 10 days of work-training-work, so to be at a 1/10 ache at this point is AMAZING. Furthermore, a quick run or ride will open that soreness up and it will vanish. #thrive is really helping with this!

Rob and Elise are back in town, so it's back to riding with pals and working on kicking Thrive up a notch in Durango. Today I will work with the gurus on a flyer (I hope) because now that I have a few days off I can actually start to canvas town. Mike made some progress at his health fair the other day, and we now have a BANNER (courtesy of Prime Vinyl). 

Things are looking UP! I go to STL soon as well, so i can visit with friends, drink beer, play records, and #livefullycharged. See you in two weeks!

It's been a month!

Alright - so at the one month mark I am happy to say I am still #thrivin - and loving it. Again I stress, it's not a "cure all". It's not "snake oil" and it's not the "game changer that will automatically make you a better person."

However, it is a simple and premium supplement system that's done in the AM, before you ever hit the pavement, and it consists of three simple steps. Pill, shake, DFT - GO and have a stellar day. The system works. I feel better while taking Thrive, and my performance is notably better in all of my sporting endeavors. I sleep better, I eat better, I digest better, I FEEL better. Done.

I spent a little to make a little, in terms of promoting, but within 3 weeks I had recouped every dollar, and as of tomorrow I think I've doubled my investment. Oh, and I'm sitting on enough product to get me through another month of consumption and sampling. SWEET eh?

Alright - I just finished up a weekend at Angel Fire Bike Park with some GREAT people. We shredded all day Saturday, had two injured riders in our group, and ended the night at the camping lot with lots of puppies and stories. My partner in crime for the weekend learned that DH bikes are REEEEAAALLLYY fun, and that gravity riding is just amazing. Oh, she also realized she's a shredder. She did hurt herself on the last lap, and will be feeling it for the next few days, but it was worth it. Yesterday I rode with the remainder of our group in the AM. We started out HOT on the first lap, flying through the air at mach speed. I managed to make a crucial error on lap 3 and proceeded to skid 30 feet on my front wheel, on heinous terrain. This led to my shoulder-checking a tree at 25mph, twirling in a circle, flying upside-down and backwards down the trail, where I promptly landed on a sharp rock. My left flank is mad today, as well as my neck, but my POC armor did the job, and I'm no worse for the wear.

EXCELLENT weekend. 

Today is Labor Day and we are having the party at Lost Dog this evening! It's happening! I'm still a little embarrassed about it, because I'm putting myself out there to a new audience both musically and in terms of promoting Thrive. That said, I think the donations to charity + the EXCELLENT art Jared is displaying/selling are totally worth the gamble. So I'll come out of my shell a little, shed my ego, and do the damn thing. 

Have a great day everyone! I hope to see the locals out tonight!

Week 3 Updates - SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!

Week 3 updates!

Hey everyone!

I am well into week 3 on Thrive now, and I thought it was a great time for an update.

The blog now has 4 followers, and a few other have read it, so it’s going VIRAL! ;)

The product continues to impress me. The week 1 transition feeling is well past, and now everything feels really nice. I still have extra focus, energy, better sleep, more normal appetite and intestinal function, and I am still NOT on the coffee train. Today I may go buy a bag of decaf grounds, just so I can have a small cup and smell the stuff, but I am in no way needing caffeine from it, and I am light years away from my daily 32+ oz of coffee.

Alright, so updates about the business side: I had a couple of stoked pals sign up to promote the product, and moved some money around, called in a few favors, and spend a few dollars of my own this past two weeks. In the end, I hit my first bonus. Now I probably spent nearly the same amount I recovered with the bonus, but that financial “break even” resulted in numerous people sampling the product, a handful of people ordering and promoting, and the seeds of a potential future business are now planted. It was all worth the effort. Not everyone loves it, but a strong proportion do. That’s good for now. More to follow, I am sure.

To date, I am in the green and I have only invested maybe 12-15 hours into promoting.

This week my website will launch, and will be available for your viewing pleasure. The address is www.livefullycharged.org and will be a mixed media site. I plan to link music, artists, charitable organizations of my preference, and other pals who are independently making their way in the world with their own business ventures. I hope you check it out and I welcome feedback.

THE EVENT is also coming soon! It looks like my first shindig in Durango will be Labor Day at Lost Dog, and will feature live mixing via myself on my sweet new Traktor S8 with the super new STEM file formats, local art for sale, a raffle, and food/beverages are also available at the Lost Dog. It will be a summer sendoff of sorts. 20% of the proceeds from the event will go to DEVO and Riding Forward, so I hope to see lots of people there.

Oh, and as of next week I will be the newest DEVO coach! Sweet!

That’s it guys, have an epic weekend.

Day 15 on Thrive

So it’s been two whole weeks!

I am still on the ½ dose of Thrive at this point, and it feels fantastic. Let me be more specific, I am on 1 capsule, ½ shake, and 1 full DFT.
On my newly created Tumblr blog I failed to present background information (for those who may find me on the web) so I went back and edited that first post. Enjoy the background!

Okay, let’s back up. What is Thrive? Well, it’s a premium lifestyle product - a nutritional supplement - that contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, plant extracts, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

It’s comprehensive, clean nutrition and it’s in a very simple 3 step system.

When combined with appropriate water intake, a healthy diet, and activity, it helps one to achieve and maintain optimal nutrition. It is NOT a diet pill, a magic cure-all, a weight loss product, magic beans, or snake oil. It’s comprehensive nutrition made with high quality ingredients.

So here’s how you take it:

When you FIRST open your eyes in the morning, you take 1-2 capsules with water. 20-30 mins later, drink ½ (or the whole) shake mixed in water only.
Apply the DFT to a vascular muscle

That’s it!

Well, step 4 is “start thrivin” :)

You prime the pump in the morning, on an empty stomach, with probiotics and the vitamin/mineral blend. Following the 20-30 min delay, you then add the appropriately chosen nutrition (with a  little kick of protein) to the system AT THE OPTIMAL TIME for MAXIMAL ABSORPTION.

Your bolus dose is now complete. The DFT is your maintenance throughout the day, consisting primarily of plant extracts to maintain a slow intake of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, along with something called “IsoLean”. I’m told that in this very small dose the IsoLean is just one of the two products needed to allow absorption of the plant extracts into your bloodstream. Since I am a curious George I looked it up. At larger doses, this chemical does assist in weight loss - but not in the way you want to avoid. Here’s the straight dope:

Forskohlin is a stimulator of the membrane-­bound enzyme, adenylyl cyclase. Adenylyl cyclase catalyzes the synthesis of the second messenger molecule, cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which activates cAMP activated protein kinase (PKA). PKA triggers hormone sensitive lipase (HSL)
Hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) is found in adipocytes and in all cell types
HSL catalyses lipolysis, which ultimately results in weight loss *

So, that’s a little bit of background on Thrive. I am working on that “book report” of the comprehensive list of ingredients, so at some point the data will be available. I will not likely post 27 pages of data on the web. Rather, I will distill it into a very short and digestible presentation for anyone to browse.

Alright - so how am I doing on day 15? GREAT - to be honest.

I still sleep like a DREAM, with vivid dreams I recall on awakening. I open my eyes ahead of my alarm every morning. I am fast on the bike and the next day the stairs don’t hurt quite as much as usual, so my muscle recovery is improved. I have endurance and strength on the trail, and my shoulder/chest injury is SO NONEXISTENT I am speechless. It could be a coincidence, as I was about 85% healed already, but I can absolutely say that the last little bit of pain/inflammation disappeared sometime last week. It’s great. My insides are happier. Better poops, less gas, less hunger pangs, and I crave less junk.

Mentally, I am clear, collected, FOCUSED, but still full of energy and go-go. The experience is palpable. It’s not just hype. The product is good.

In terms of the business side of things, a few pals are signed up and starting their experience. I received a commission last week for $25, and this week for $29. If a couple of things line up just right before Saturday, I will be getting the $650 bonus. That’s not bad for two week of work! Even if I do not collect the first bonus, I will have begun the process of building a network.

If you are curious about Thrive, please follow my link: 


and check out the le-vel Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LevelBrands

Become informed about the product, the system, and the stories of other people who have already taken the plunge for themselves.

Well, I’m 10 days in. Yesterday the regular DFT + single cap + ½ shake was money. It totally hit the spot. We ended up drinking with pals and actually couldn’t drive home after the second drink, so this morning I had no thrive on hand. That’s okay bc now I can compare notes. Today I started with a hungover belly, so I just did my old routine of breakfast + decaf coffee. I’ll do the thrive system again in the AM and see how I feel. So far a few friends said they would try the product, and 1 has ordered. We will see if it spreads like wildfire in the coming weeks, I suppose. Until next time!

One week under my belt with #thrive!

So today is day 8 and I felt I better send an update before I go outside to play all day with my LOVELY LADY Colleen! Yesterday and the day before I took the full dose, and I wonder if I should have staggered a little more slowly. I was a little “amped” Monday. Yesterday, when I approached lunch time, I could feel my blood sugar dropping fast (which happens to me sometimes) but it was really aggressive. I was nauseous and warm, for sure. In my panic state, I peeled off my DFT. Silly Bobby. I realized 15 mins later I just needed a snack.

At any rate, today I am back on the ½ dose and we will see how it goes. Colleen is here, and I don’t want to experiment too much with the stuff while she is here. 

For now, the ½ is going to carry me through the next few days. Even at that dose, it’s awesome stuff. 

If the folks sign up as they said they will, I’ll be only one promoter box away from the first bonus. Considering I’ve only posted on Tumblr and had a few telephone conversations, I really cannot complain.

Good day everyone!

Day 5 with Thrive

So last night I hung out with Rob and Elise & the boys. We enjoyed beer, BBQ, the sights and sounds of nature. They seem pretty confident this side gig will turn into something bigger. I don’t know how it will go, or if it will ever become something more than a good experience in meeting new friends, but I’ll keep an open mind.

Last night I laid down around 1045, after a steak and 3 beers (over 3 hours, mind you). Usually I would awake groggy, or even hit snooze a couple of times.

Not this time. I had vivid dreams and awoke at 0442 when the raindrops in my dream matched the ones coming through my window. I’m awake and rested. No coffee for my morning ritual yet again, save a small cup of drip I shared with Jamie the other day - just bc it’s nice to share a coffee with a pal - not bc I was dragging.

I started on the full dose of Thrive today. It’s off to work in 5! Let’s see how the day goes. Until later!


Fruita’s 18 road trails were pretty sweet. Today the solution was PROTEIN. I needed to get back on the normal “hungry man” intake routine again. I think I noticed the dietary suppression for a hot minute, whether from the complete intake of nutrition early in the morning, or chemically based. At any rate today I felt dialed on the downs and charged on the ups. Sweet!


Yesterday we rode in Grand Junction and had a blast. I think the return of the appetite also included a calorie deficit from the past two days, because I wasn’t 100% “on” yesterday on the trail. Maybe I didn’t sleep the best bc it was humid and warm all night. Maybe I needed more calories before the ride. Or maybe just the unknown trails, resulting in lots of stop and go, kept me out of the zone. I had excess juice for the climbs, but on the downs I wasn’t dialed completely. At any rate we had a great time.

Today I awoke with a surprising lack of hangover, considering the number of Dale’s Pale Ale I drank last night at the family taco party. I wasn’t hungry after my shake, but I went on with some yogurt and fruit nonetheless. No sense in being calorie deficient for the ride today.

If the bike gets sorted (Jamie’s) we will be on trail by 1000. I’m hoping today is a dialed day. The bike feels great. It couldn’t be more perfectly tuned. Sometime today or tomorrow I’ll finish the analysis of the capsules and then move on to the shake. I hope my pals who are also curious appreciate the info, and I hope they attack it with the same level of skepticism and analysis I have.

I hope everyone has a great day! Here’s to the ride! I’ll be back later. I think 2 people have access to my blog now. So huge ;)

Day 3 of Thrive, and day 2 of a sweet trip!

So today I woke up with the Bianchini family on their super cool nationwide book tour to promote “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion” and this has been a swwwwweeeeet day already! I woke up with my old familiar appetite back, so that was a good thing. This past two days my typical morning ravenous appetite was lacking. Today it returned and I was stoked to enjoy a sweet breakfast about 30-50 mins after my capsule/shake/transdermal patch combo. 

That said, I do not crave any sweets or anything heavy. I wanted veggie noodle soup today, more than other things. My insides are calm, and quiet, and smell-free… Which is also cool.

SO, I still feel amped and I still haven’t needed any coffee since day 1, but now I feel like my system is beginning to level out… Hah. i just caught the reference… “Le-Vel out”. Nice. I should sell that slogan back to them ;)

I kinda feel like doing 100 push-ups after each bike ride. I could see spending lots more time working out with this stuff.

Alright - today I started the comprehensive research of the ingredients found in the products. I made it mostly through the capsule, but I have much work left to do. Keep watching and I’ll keep posting! 

So far I have found nothing but GOOD inside the capsules. I have a few things left to research.

Day 2 of Thrive

So It’s the end of day 2 and I figured now was as good a time as any to jot down some thoughts.

I made a french press today around noon, and I realized as I made it that I wasn’t really paying close attention to the water volume or to the timer. This is highly unusual for me. I’m quite OCD when it comes to my french press process. 6 scoops, water at 204, 8 mins of steep time.

Today I failed to measure my water volume for a half press, and forgot to set the timer. About 5 mins in I realized I didn’t even really need the coffee, so I dumped it out before even bothering to press it.


So, I had a ton of energy today, felt very focused (and relaxed, which is odd for me) and I was really productive. I spoke with a few people who are already quite athletic, and I think a couple of people are as curious as I am when it comes to being even healthier, more athletic, performing at a higher level, and all of the other things that come with good supplementation.

Alright. I still feel great, and I hope it continues. Yes I still have TONS of reservations about the whole MLM world and I don’t know if I’m really going to be able to make anything substantial happen, but I am certainly enjoying the bump from the supplements, and if a few of my buddies try it and enjoy the same benefits, for the next few years or more, then at least we will all be much faster on our bikes and on our feet.

At any rate, today was another good day. My shoulder/LUQ pain is really, really minimal. My legs and shoulders are BARELY sore from yesterday and all of the awesome thrashing we did. I’m ready to ride bikes tomorrow with JAIME on his “Bicycle Built For Two Billion” nationwide RV book tour, and it will ROCK.

This weekend I will start my book report on the product ingredient list. I intend to go through every piece of each product and use proper sources to validate the safety and efficacy of each ingredient. I hope the research proves fruitful, and I hope it helps others to make an informed decision.

Goodnight virtual world. 

Trying something new.

HEY GUYS! It’s August 6th and I realized it was in my best interest to keep a daily log of my experience with Le-Vel, with Rob and Elise, and with Thrive. I hope this proves valuable at some point in the future.

EDIT: I failed to provide any background info about myself, assuming only friends would be reading this blog. Until the August 4th entry below, this is my addition.

I’m a 34 year old Flight RN with experience in both military and civilian healthcare, in various roles. I am a mountain biker, kayaker, part-time runner, snowboarder, occasional hiker, rare backpacker, general adrenaline junkie, fun-loving kid in a big person’s body. This would be my very first and ONLY, involvement in any type of MLM/Network Marketing product. I live in Durango, CO and spent the past 4 years on the road with my lovely adventure partner and love, Colleen. I occasionally race bikes, but for the most part I do these outdoor activities for fun and for the health benefits. 

I have sisters and brothers, lots of good friends, and I love meeting new people. At various stages in life I was very much into playing musical instruments, skateboarding, Dj’ing EDM, roller-blading, science, math, and all sorts of other random things. At age 28 I started drifting away from computer music production/performance and moved towards the outdoors, with the help of a few friends. This phase of life is the best thus far, without a doubt, and I just keep getting more into the adventurous side of life. Durango is the perfect place for such things. Okay, my blog entry #1 and #2 begin below:


I started Wednesday 8/5. 

Here’s my note from August 5th:

I did exactly as directed, and I only had about 8oz of coffee. I usually drink 32.

Honestly I don’t think I even needed THAT! It’s nuts, since i drink coffee DAILY, but I honestly didn’t miss it today. I had zero headaches from the caffeine withdrawals.

In fact, I pedaled with a group of folks today and managed to only perceive a yellow level of exertion, sometimes orange, despite nailing a PR on a steep climb. We pedaled in the group for 3.5 hours, then had a respite to pack up gear and regroup, followed by a whitewater run through town.

I was in GO MODE all day and it’s 1057 PM, and I feel great. I’m ready to lie down and sleep, but I am not feeling groggy from the lack of coffee, nor am i feeling especially beat down from my very active and awesome day.

My shoulder feels just fine. My neck and back feel just fine. I feel JUST FINE.

I tried to turn on a couple of pals today, and they politely declined. I will try again soon.

For now, I will enjoy the experience and the trial, and hopefully get some of my friends on the train as well.

Tonight Elise mentioned to me the fact that successful entrepeneurs are able to not only volunteer their time for kids, but also to sponsor lots of kids… That could be so much more impactful. If I could turn this into more dollars for Riding Forward, that would be awesome. I am very curious.



August 4th:

I met some new friends today, Rob and Elise. It just so happens they were in town on a tour of the southwest and needed someone to show them around town via mountain bikes and such. I offered to show Rob the good rides in the area, and while riding he casually mentioned his current career situation. He quit his job as an orthopedic PA to represent a supplement company. Needless to say, my ears perked up at this prospect. Not only does he appear to be very healthy, he says the product is fantastic, and it seems as thought the financial side of his business is doing quite well. Am I looking to change careers, or hurting for money? No. Am i interested in a supplement that will support muscle growth, rapid recovery, enhanced performance on the bike, and that will assist me in kicking the coffee and being a further FULLY CHARGED individual? Absolutely.

I just finished my first meeting regarding Le-Vel. I have my doubts and my suspicions. However, I am also curious and optimistic. I have 100k in student loan debt, a car payment, and the fear that my income vs debt will somehow never even out in a way that provides the life I want to live.Your first thought is Pyramid Scheme, which is somehow less than this American Dream… I doubt very much one is less ideal than the other. Perhaps its the american scheme and this pyramid thing is just being honest - you get what you put into it…I am healthy and reasonably athletic… But I would love to get off the coffee, gain 10 lbs of muscle, and pay off one of my loans without pulling from my paychecks. these are my goals.

I decided to drink the kool-aid, just a little, and try THRIVE.