Bobby Duracel

I'm Bobby, and this is my site! Musically, I began at an early age. I played trombone and baritone in grade/middle school and thoroughly enjoyed it. Braces came, concert band went, and years later I found turntables. Ironically, the machine that most people fail to consider a proper instrument managed to spur my greatest creative spark. I spent nearly a decade playing numerous shows at clubs, underground venues, fields, house parties, and even weddings. As I began travel nursing in 2011, the turntables took a back seat - and I traded them for a mountain bike and a kayak. Fast forward - three years later I realized I missed the creative outlet of music, and I began to rebuild a streamlined version of my audio lab. It's 2015, the lab is complete, and I am excited for the new era of music on the horizon. My controllers allow for infinite creative possibilities. The BRAND NEW file format, called STEMS, is something I will be using almost exclusively at the show and in future mixes.