Dj gear conundrum!

Well, I've done it. I have turned down more live gigs than I thought I would be offered this past year. Maybe there's a part of me that's just "over it" when it comes to live dj gigs. Maybe there's a part of me that is just too busy to care anymore. Or maybe I just really, really dislike the current state of musical tastes in the world overall. For example, the latest song by Pitbull or whomever else makes their way to Now! Music just does nothing for me. So, as I enter into a very busy race season and invest my time and money into trips and gear and training, the Denon Prime rig just sits on the shelf collecting dust.

I SOLD IT! There. I said it. To be fair, the kit is really just about perfect. I broke even on the deal, and that makes me happy. Honestly, a small part of me still wants to have the fully standalone capability, but the other part of me is VERY curious to see how Native Instruments delivers on their promise to update Traktor and their Traktor controllers this year. I predict an announcement within 6 weeks, with a release of hardware by October. Maybe they will hit early and surprise me. Maybe not. Either way, I just freed up my resources - just in case they revamp the S8 and add jog wheels, and/or do the other things requested by users for years to blow Serato and Pioneer out of the water.

The other item I am considering is the standalone 2-channel Pioneer unit. It checks off the boxes, albeit in a 2-channel compact box (and for under 1/3 of the price of the Denon rig). I am testing our spare laptop this week on Traktor - a MacBook Air, to see if I can get some stability with my Z2 and my Technics on a 2-channel DVS (old school for people who aren't actually old school) setup. If it works, I'll try the LINK button and plug my 15" MacBook Pro in with my Push2 alongside Traktor, and see how that works.

Should that dual laptop setup actually work well, I may consider putting the Toraiz SP16 and AS1 on the chopping block, to exchange the kit for a Rev2 Prophet. I'm REALLY loving my production room right now with just the Push 2, Minitaur, AS1, and Ableton. Perhaps swapping the AS1 for a poly version with much more control would be preferable to having a second beat box. If I can replace that analog drive/filter from the SP16 with something else, it just may happen.

Thanks for reading! What are your current musical meanderings? Have you any guesses regarding the news from Output that drops on June 12???????