Experimenting further!

I am still on the hunt for the perfect setup and I am starting to notice a few emerging patterns. One - I am really digging standalone gear. I do not care if the circuitry is analog or digital (necessarily), only that I do not need my laptop to make the music happen. I keep bringing the Push 2 out to the desk, firing up Ableton, and adding those layers to my live rig, but I think my ultimate preference will be to get the perfect flow from Ableton creation to bounce to stage on hardware. 

The Pioneer boxes I've bought in the past year (throughout this hunt) have proven to be SOLID, really fun, sonically pleasing, and well thought out. I sold the AS-1 and SP16 to a friend months ago and picked up a DJS-1000 to test. Shortly thereafter, I re-purchased the SP16! I couldn't help myself. The thing is just brilliant! I love the DJS-1000 as well, but it is currently online for sale. I decided I would rather have muscle memory for only one Toraiz GUI, and that the analog filters on the back-end were much more pleasing than the sounds coming out of the DJS. Also, symmetry makes me happy. I can't help it.

So, I made something on the SP16, loading samples, then mixing/mastering a bit, then sequencing. I used the SC5000 players (two players, one layer each) to jam out vocal samples on top of my sequences. The X1800 mixer affects are still lacking (in my opinion) but I am attempting to integrate them into the setup. More on this in another post. Do leave some feedback on my live, DAWLESS jam, if you would!