Toraiz scene/project management

In response to the comments left by Bean, I think it's best to fully explain the differences between the Toraiz and the other boxes, in terms of scenes/patterns/project management.

First, the limits:

Toraiz can only play back 16 channels at a time, meaning that at any one time you can only play back the sounds of a single bank of 16 drum pads - a SCENE, in Toraiz lingo. It's not like Maschine, where you can use bank A for drums, bank B for synths, etc. You can, but you cannot play them all back at once on the Toraiz. Rather, you organize the 16 sounds as if they are the complete "track" or "live jam" you want to perform. The next "scene", which would be drum bank B on Maschine, is where you load the next major change in that same song project (to mix or transition to a different vibe) or an entirely new song. You could also just load up 16 vocal samples to bank A, then some other cluster for bank B. The point - while playing the 16 sounds in the first scene (drum group) you can't play the ones from any other. It 16 channels of output at a time. If you think it's a strict limitation you can't live with, check out this video: 


Copying patterns and scenes on the Toraiz is fine. Advanced editing of patterns is also possible, as seen in this tutorial: 

The limits fall in line with the "one FX slot per drum pad" things that initially bothered me, but you can always resample to a new pad, add more FX, resample, etc.

I have not explored copy-paste patterns yet. I still need to dig into the more advanced features of this thing, and some of the basics as well. Scene copy/paste exists and works smoothly. Not sure on patterns.

I can say that when you load a pattern and select the length of one bar, the Toraiz will automatically copy that pattern out to 2-3-4 bars when you select a different length (bottom right buttons). That's pretty SLICK!

I'll dig into pattern copy/paste and other things next week & get back online. Thanks!